Monday, March 31, 2014

Podcast Playlist

Are you a podcast listener?  I am and love my current show selection, but for the longest time I thought I couldn't tune in since I didn't have an iPhone.  Stupid, I know.  A few months ago I wised up and downloaded two podcast apps for my Android and I have to tell you, working for business and pleasure has never been better.  Here's my current go-to list:

Joy the Baker Podcast - I love listening to Joy and Tracy, and I'll warn you now, Tracy's laughter is infectious.  They're too fun together and I'm excited to hear about Joy's new journey and life in New Orleans!

The Talking Dead - As a fan of the show, The Walking Dead, I would 100% recommend this podcast.  I love the way both Chris and Jason not only recap the show but talk about show theories, "holy cr@p did you see that?!" moments and basically just shoot the you know what.  They're Canadians too which brings me back to my old traveling days with my peeps during Flyers season ...

Concept Art & Illustration: Chris Oatley's ArtCast - I originally heard about this podcast through Will Terry, one of my SVS teachers and I love his open and engaging style.  He interviews other artists as well as gives advice and tips on illustration, portfolio's etc.

Paper Wings - This is another of Chris' podcasts, along with hosts Lora and Justin.  I was just recently introduced to this podcast and I loved their interview with Edgar Delgado.

Let's Get Busy Podcast - I came upon this podcast when I found out Dan Santat (love his illustration style!) was going to be interviewed and I'm glad that I did.  Matthew does a fantastic job interviewing his guests and is a pleasure to listen to.

Chicken Thistle Farm Coopcast - This podcast made me want to have my own farm and fill it with fruit, veggies, pigs and chickens.  Then after the freezing winter we had I realized it's best to leave these things in the hands of the professionals, such as Farmers Andy and Kelly.  They're an engaging and entertaining couple and I love listening to what's going on at their farm as well as their views and thoughts about farming.  I also learned a few tips about swine artificial insemination should I need that knowledge in the future ...

Meet the Author - I love a good interview podcast and this one doesn't disappoint.  They range of authors is incredible and the interviewers continually change which is pretty neat.  My favorites so far have been the interviews of Patricia Cornwell, Giada De Laurentiis, Kate DiCamillo and Dave Sedaris.

Savvy Homeschool Moms Podcast - Homeschooling can be a pretty isolating experience and it's nice to hear the thoughts of other Homeschool Moms, even if it's via podcast.  While they're a relatively new-to-me podcast, I like their tips and tricks so far.

They're all different genres and it works out perfectly since I can play the show that fits my mood at the time.  And if you're interested and a fellow Android owner, the two programs that I use are Stitcher and Podcast HD (if you have a better program, please share!) OR most have an option where you can listen online.

Are there any shows that I missed that you listen to and would recommend?  If so, please add your pick in the comments!  In the meantime, enjoy these picks!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Art Inspiration Friday

I love looking through Pinterest for some art inspiration and I thought I'd share my latest gems with you on this fantastic Friday.

Each of the picks for this Friday are incredible and if I could, I would fill our entire house with prints of these beauties (though my husband would want to know why our savings account was dwindling ...).  I noted each of the Artists names beneath their illustration and if you feel so inclined (which you should), click on their illustration and you'll be linked to their site.

Artist: Simona Bursi
Artist: Jetoy
Artist: Renata Liwska
Artist: Brandon James Scott

Artist: Jenn Hall
Artist: Jenn Hall

Artist: Varya Kolesnikova
Artist: Alexander Maskaev
To see more of my pins, visit my Pinterest board and if you fancy, follow my boards as well.  If you're a fellow Pinner, feel free to share your board URL in the comments section!  Happy weekend!