Friday, March 7, 2014

Art Inspiration Friday

I love looking through Pinterest for some art inspiration and I thought I'd share my latest gems with you on this fantastic Friday.

Each of the picks for this Friday are incredible and if I could, I would fill our entire house with prints of these beauties (though my husband would want to know why our savings account was dwindling ...).  I noted each of the Artists names beneath their illustration and if you feel so inclined (which you should), click on their illustration and you'll be linked to their site.

Artist: Simona Bursi
Artist: Jetoy
Artist: Renata Liwska
Artist: Brandon James Scott

Artist: Jenn Hall
Artist: Jenn Hall

Artist: Varya Kolesnikova
Artist: Alexander Maskaev
To see more of my pins, visit my Pinterest board and if you fancy, follow my boards as well.  If you're a fellow Pinner, feel free to share your board URL in the comments section!  Happy weekend!

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