Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Free Download - Rainbow Dash's 20% Cooler Card

I posted the above photo a few weeks ago to my Instagram feed of a card I made for my niece's graduation party.  We're both My Little Pony fans and I wanted to incorporate both something handmade as well as something she would enjoy.  Since Rainbow Dash is one of her favorite MLP's, I decided to make a quick card with her on the cover (with a snippet of one of her quotes from Season 1).  Thankfully she loved it!

I received messages asking if I would share the card and here it is.  I made two options for you, one with the text saying "graduate, you're officially 20% cooler" and another with the same minus the "graduate" part if you'd like to give this card away for a birthday, book publishing day, etc.  I think it would be great to give as a first day of school card too!

To download, click on the images below to open, then right click and save the document where you wish.

The cards print two on a page and I've also included the inside text (you could always leave this blank if you want to hand write your own message).  Also, just a quick reminder that this card should not be used for commercial purposes which I'm sure ya'll know already.  Enjoy and tag me on Instagram if you print and use the card!

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