Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Boxtrolls

I actually forgot about this little gem of a movie, but thanks to my friend Youtube, I've been given a reminder about Laika's new film The Boxtrolls.  And guys, it looks awesome ...

Seriously, the Laika team is crazy talented and I wish I could squeeze myself through the screen and just sit and watch them work all day.  I'd probably get kicked out from asking too many questions and touching too many props though - c'est la vie.  It's amazing to think it's all handmade - I love it!  And while I love me my photoshop, it's heartwarming to know that art like this a'la stop motion is NOT going away anytime soon.

We always screen movies like this before letting my daughter watch (she's very sensitive, plus she will probably never set foot in a theater until she's a teen, ha) so I may have to steal borrow my nephew and watch this with him next year.  Okay, okay, I'll allow others in the family to join as well, but they'll have to sit a row behind us and sneak in their own candy.

Btw, my favs parts of the trailer are at 0:26, 0:33 (I swear this is the face I make whenever I see something I really like), 1:11 (love that it says "hands that made" and not "company that brought you") and 1:32.

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